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Note for checking the treeMOTION, treeMOTION S.light harnesses and spare part leg loops

One of our customers had a really regrettable incident that fortunately ended without any injuries. According to the currently available information one of the safety stitchings on a leg loop (marked yellow in the picture) was missing.


Because of the missing safety stitching the webbing slipped out of the leg loop under tension and the climber was exposed to a sudden movement. There is no immediate risk of a fall, but the risk of injuries is significantly higher when using tools (caused by unexpected movement or panic reaction).
Every single harness is inspected during production and additionally after completion of production. That means every harness is subjected to two independent inspections. The occurrence of this error can only be explained by the highly improbable failure of both inspections.
We are taking that incident really seriously and we are taking all necessary measures to rule out similar errors. The safety of our customers is a big concern for us.
As an additional safety measure we have decided to subject all treeMOTION harnesses ( 7333210), spare part leg loop right treeMOTION ( 7333206), spare part leg loop left treeMOTION ( 7333207), treeMOTION S.light harnesses ( 7333239), spare part leg loop right treeMOTION S.light ( 7350008) and spare part leg loop left treeMOTION S.light ( 7350009) to a detailed inspection of the safety stitchings on the leg loops immediately.
If you own/use one of these products, please check it immediately. Make sure that the grey safety stitchings marked yellow in the picture above are present! For better visibility of the safety stitching please pull the webbing out of the protection cover which hides the safety stitching (see yellow arrows in the picture).
If you notice the absence of any of the above mentioned safety stitchings, please remove the harness from service, mark it in an obvious and unambiguous manner so that it is clear that the harness must not be used and place the harness in quarantine so that it cannot be used or returned to service inadvertently. Contact us! If you´re in doubt, please also contact us. We will check each case and make sure that you will receive a replacement harness.
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Ihre Sicherheit ist uns ein Anliegen

Hinweis zur Überprüfung der treeMOTION, treeMOTION S.light Gurte und Ersatzteil-Beinschlaufen

Bei einem unserer Kunden ist es zu einem sehr bedauerlichen Zwischenfall gekommen, der glücklicherweise ohne Verletzungen ausgegangen ist. Laut den derzeit vorliegenden Informationen hat an einer Beinschlaufe eine Sicherheitsnaht (im Bild gelb markiert) gefehlt.
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